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本文摘要:Members of Bibobox Studio didnt expect a call from the Apple team.Bibobox工作室的成员作梦都没想起不会收到苹果团队打电话的电话。


Members of Bibobox Studio didnt expect a call from the Apple team.Bibobox工作室的成员作梦都没想起不会收到苹果团队打电话的电话。But thats what happened after they created a series of squeaky animals including a penguin and giraffe for the iPad. We tried to make the characters as lifelike, interactive and user-friendly as possible, said Liu Bo, a teacher from Dalian Nationalities University, and the chief director of Bibobox. Our team pays close attention to the tiniest details.但当他们在iPad上建构出有还包括长颈鹿、企鹅等在内的一系列能收到吱吱叫声的动物形象后,这一切都继续下去了。我们尽可能让这些动物形象栩栩如生,具备互动性,并更容易操作者。

我们的团队十分侧重微小细节。沈阳民族大学教师兼任Bibobox工作室的总设计师刘博说道。The groups innovation and efforts captured the attention of Apple engineers.该团队的创意与希望惹来了苹果工程师们的注目。

Biboboxs 30-page interactive storybook Little Star won the student developer award at Apples Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), held June 11-15 in San Francisco, US.6月11-15日于美国旧金山举办的苹果全球开发者大会(全称WWDC)上,Bibobox研发的30页交互书籍应用于Little Star勇夺学生类开发者大奖。The team behind Little Star is made up of five students and two teachers from Lius university. They are all design or computer engineering majors.Little Star的背后是一支由五名学生和两名老师构成的团队,他们来自沈阳民族大学,皆是设计或计算机专业名门。

Its the first time that a Chinese team has won a prize at the annual Apple Design Awards, since the awards began in 1996. According to Apple, the award is given to developers who match its own philosophy of good design, innovation and state-of-the-art hardware.这是自1996年苹果年度设计大奖开办以来,中国团队首次得奖者。据苹果公司称之为,该奖项是授予给那些合乎苹果打造出设计感觉、创新性与艺术性共存的一流硬件理念的开发者们。Our design philosophy is very simple. We want children to think outside the box to reach an answer, Liu explained. The point of our book is to provide children with methods and ideas for them to think creatively by themselves.我们的设计理念非常简单。我们期望孩子们需要打破常规谋求答案,刘博说明道。

我们这款电子书乃是为孩子获取创造性思维的方法和观点。Little Star features a story of five friends on their journey to catch stars. After several failed attempts, they discover their shortcomings and weaknesses, and realize that the power of teamwork is the key to success.《Little Star》描写了五个好朋友一起走上旅程去抓星星的故事。在几次告终的尝试后,他们再一找到了自身的严重不足和弱点,同时也意识到团队协作才是顺利的关键。In our process of creating the app, teamwork also proved to be crucial, said Wang Kun, 22, a senior animation major who did the coloring.我们研发该应用程序的过程也证明了团队协作的重要性。

22岁的王坤(音译)说道。王坤是一名动画专业的大四学生,主要专门从事配色工作。Its important for designers and engineers to work together and get their ideas across. Wang said the team had a brainstorming session every week. At first, it was hard to communicate because they had different jargon and ideas.对于设计师和工程师而言,联合工作,各抒己见,这点十分最重要。



We then spent time together, Wang recalled. As a result, engineers knew how to put our ideas into reality, and we designers understood how to respond to their needs.后来我们就常常待在一起,王坤回想道。最后,工程师们懂了如何把点子改变为现实,而我们这些设计师也明白了该如何去对此他们的市场需求。

The children are able to interact with the app in many ways, including touching to reveal different characters as well as using an accelerometer to shake the stars out of the sky.孩子们可以通过多种途径同故事展开对话,其中还包括触碰屏幕找到有所不同的人物,用于加速器将星星摇出天空之外。Besides the exquisite and flawless design, the language was important.除了极致精美的设计,语言也十分最重要。

Instead of Mandarin, Little Star was first launched in English. Then they added simplified Chinese and Cantonese versions.《Little Star》首度公布时用于的是英语,而非中文。之后他们又加添了简体中文和粤语两个版本。


We were thinking with a global mindset, said Maggie Li, a tutor who was in charge of translating the script. From the outset our book was aimed at children around the world, not just those in China. Kids think the same universally.我们用全球性思维来考虑到问题,负责管理脚本翻译成的玛吉李 (音译)老师回应,从一开始,我们电子书的目标人群就是全世界的儿童,并某种程度是中国儿童。而孩子们的点子广泛完全相同,不分地域。Bi Wenting, 23, a classmate of Wang, said they spent almost a year creating the storybook. They did research at primary schools in Dalian, to find out if children liked their plotlines and characters.王坤的同班同学,23岁的毕文婷(音译)称之为,他们完全花上了一年的时间来研发这本故事书。

他们首先在沈阳各个小学做到调研,想到孩子们否讨厌他们的故事情节和人物设置。Fluent English also helped the team promote itself at the conference. The representatives at the event exchanged ideas with fellow developers.流利的英文也协助该团队在此次大会上做到自我推展。

会议期间,与会代表与开发者互相交流了观点。Apple looked interested in our project, said Li. We told them about our future plans, as well as Chinese app-developing and education-related markets.苹果公司看起来对我们的项目很感兴趣, 玛吉李说道。我们向他们阐释了我们未来的计划,以及中国的应用于程序开发及教育市场的情况。

Bibobox is working on a successor to Little Star, and a series of apps to teach Chinese characters etymology.Bibobox正在研发《Little Star》先前产品,以及教授汉字词源的系列应用于。We students also learnt a lot from sessions with videos available in English on Apples website, said Wang. And Ive tried to share them with everyone interested in app developing. 作为学生,我们也从苹果网车站的英文视频讲座中进账良多,王坤说道,我已在设法同所有应用程序研发爱好者共享这些内容。Eric Jou contributed to the storyEric Jou对本文亦有贡献。



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