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本文摘要:SAN FRANCISCO — Apple’s biggest cash cow, the iPhone, is gaining weight.旧金山——苹果公司(Apple)仅次于的摇钱树iPhone充分发挥出有了更加大的能量。


SAN FRANCISCO — Apple’s biggest cash cow, the iPhone, is gaining weight.旧金山——苹果公司(Apple)仅次于的摇钱树iPhone充分发挥出有了更加大的能量。Sales of iPhones, including the new, big-screen iPhone 6 models released last month, helped carry Apple to a record-breaking quarter and offset slowing sales of one of Apple’s other major products, the iPad, the company announced Monday. Apple sold 39 million iPhones in the quarter that ended Sept. 27, a significant bump from the 33.8 million it sold in the same period last year.公司周一宣告,iPhone的销量,其中还包括上个月公布的两款大屏iPhone 6,协助苹果获得了创纪录的季度数据,并冲抵了另一个主要产品iPad的销售上升所带给的负面影响。

在9月27日完结的一个季度里,苹果共计卖出了3900万台iPhone,与去年同期3380万台的销量比起,有了明显提高。Apple appears to be gorging on consumer demand for its smartphone. The company’s $8.2 billion in profit for its fiscal fourth quarter was 13.3 percent higher than the same quarter a year ago. Revenue over the quarter was $42.1 billion, up from $37.5 billion in the same period last year.消费者对iPhone的市场需求或许让苹果赚得盆剩钵剩。公司第四财季的利润为82亿美元(约合500亿元人民币),同比快速增长了13.3%。该季度的营收则从去年同期的375亿美元上涨至421亿美元。

“Demand for the new iPhones has been staggering,” said Timothy D. Cook, Apple’s chief executive, about the release of the new iPhones on a financial earnings call with investors. He added: “I’ve never felt so great after a launch before.”“对新款iPhone的市场需求令人难以置信,”在与投资者的财报会议上提及新款iPhone的公布时,苹果首席执行官蒂姆·D·库克(Timothy D. Cook)说道。他还回应:“以前发售新品时,我的感觉都没有这么好。”But impolite as it may be to point out in the middle of such exuberant returns, those numbers — while enviable for most companies — do pose some risk for Apple, which gets about 70 percent of its profits from the iPhone, said Toni Sacconaghi, a financial analyst for Sanford C. Bernstein research.桑福德·伯恩斯坦公司(Sanford C. Bernstein)的金融分析师托尼·萨克纳吉(Toni Sacconaghi)回应,虽然在收益如此可观的时候明确提出一些异议变得有些不礼貌,但这些让多数公司深感艳羡的数据也给苹果带给了一定的风险。

苹果70%的利润来自iPhone。As with any company increasingly reliant on a single product, should development of that product falter or if competition from companies like Samsung gets even tougher, Apple would be vulnerable.对于任何一家更加倚赖单一产品的企业而言,如果这个产品展现出不欠佳,抑或是竞争对手——比如三星——显得更加强劲,苹果就不会不堪一击。

“Increasingly Apple is the iPhone story,” said Mr. Sacconaghi.萨克纳吉说道,“苹果更加看起来只在依赖iPhone。”Apple shares were up about 1.5 percent to $101.25 in after-hours trading Monday evening.在周一晚间的盘后交易中,苹果股价上升了约1.5%,上涨至101.25美元。iPhone sales have steadily grown even though overall sales of smartphones are slowing in developed markets like the United States and parts of Europe. But Apple has aggressively fought that trend. Last year, it for the first time released two new iPhone models instead of just one. Last month, Apple again released two new iPhones, this time with bigger screens.虽然在美国和欧洲部分地区等繁盛市场,智能手机的整体销售在上升,但iPhone的销售额却在稳步增长。


The larger iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones got a strong reaction early. In the first weekend that the new iPhones went on sale in September, Apple sold 10 million of the devices, up from the nine million new iPhones sold last year on their opening weekend.大屏iPhone 6和iPhone 6 Plus迅速就引发了冷淡反响。在9月上市的第一个周末,就售出了1000万台,而去年新款iPhone在上市第一个周末的销量则为900万台。

On top of that, Apple has teamed up with phone carriers in important markets, particularly China.另外,苹果还与最重要市场的移动电话运营商进行了合作,特别是在是在中国。Apple’s quarterly revenue beat Wall Street expectations of $39.9 billion, according to a survey of analysts by Thomson Reuters. Apple’s $1.42 per share profit also exceed analyst expectations for $1.31 a share. For Apple’s full fiscal year of 2014, profit was $39.5 billion on revenue of $182.8 billion.根据汤森路透(Thomson Reuters)分析师的调查,苹果的季度收益多达了华尔街预期的399亿美元。

苹果1.42美元的每股收益也低于分析师预计的1.31美元。对于苹果的整个2014财年,公司营收为1828亿美元,利润为395亿美元。Now for the bad news: The company on Monday said it sold 12.3 million iPads over the quarter, down from 14 million in the same quarter last year. The company’s iPad sales were down in the previous quarter, too.但坏消息是:苹果周一通报,整个季度卖出了1230万台iPad,而去年同期的销量则为1400万台。

公司在前一季度的iPad销量也经常出现了下降。J.P. Gownder, a technology analyst for Forrester Research, said that it appeared tablet makers had not established a steady pattern for how often people upgrade to new tablets. He added that the faster and thinner iPad Air 2, which was announced last week, could give incentive for professional customers to buy a tablet, but an iPad with an even bigger screen would have driven more new demand.弗雷斯特研究公司(Forrester Research)的科技分析师J·P·低恩德(J. P. Gownder)称之为,平板电脑生产商或许还没为人们升级到新的平板的频率奠定一个平稳的模式。他接着说道,上周公布的更加较慢、更加轻巧的iPad Air 2可能会性刺激专业消费者出售平板电脑,但如果iPad的屏幕更大一些,也许早就道出了更加多新的市场需求。

Apple also said it sold 5.5 million Macs over the quarter, a major improvement from the 4.6 million it sold in the same period last year. But the Mac is still a small fry compared to the iPhone.苹果还回应,这一季度卖出了550万台Mac电脑。与去年同期的460万台比起,增幅显著。但比起于iPhone,Mac仍是无关大局。

On the earnings call, Mr. Cook said that Apple continues to be very bullish about the iPad’s prospects. He noted that over four years, Apple has sold about 230 million iPads, which is double the number of iPhones it sold over the first four years.在财报电话会议上,库克称之为苹果仍然很寄予厚望iPad的前景。他认为,四年来,苹果早已卖出了约2.3亿台iPad,是iPhone头四年销量的两倍。He added that sales of some of Apple’s other products may be eating into iPad sales, and that was not a concern.他接着回应,苹果的其他一些产品可能会风化iPad的销量,但并不有一点担忧。“I’m sure some people looked at a Mac and an iPad and decided on the Mac,” Mr. Cook said, “and I’m fine with that, by the way.”“我坚信,有些人看见Mac和iPad后,要求卖Mac。

偷偷地托一句,这对我来说没问题。”Apple executives are bullish about the upcoming holiday quarter. Apple told investors that it expects to make between $63.5 billion and $66.5 billion of revenue for its fiscal first quarter next year. That compares to $57.6 billion in revenue in the same quarter one year ago.苹果的高管很寄予厚望将要来临的假日季。苹果告诉他投资者,公司预计明年第一个财季的收益在635亿美元至665亿美元之间。相比之下,今年同期的数据则为576亿美元。

The question remains if a brand-new product — the Apple Watch due for release early next year — could one day become a star that rivals the iPhone in terms of sales and profit.仍然萦绕在苹果头上的问题是,不会会有一款全新的产品——比如订于明年初发售的Apple Watch——在某一天沦为明星,在销售额和利润上堪比iPhone?Notably, Apple said on the call that in its future financial reports, the company would include sales numbers for the watch in the “Other” category, along with the Apple TV and iPods — products that have been less successful. That made analysts wonder if Apple had low expectations for the Watch.值得注意的是,苹果在电话会议上回应,在未来的财报中,公司将把Apple Watch的销售数据划入“其他”那一类,而同属这一类别的还有不那么顺利的Apple TV和iPod。这使得分析师们猜测,苹果否对这款产品的期望值较低。Mr. Cook said Apple did not form the category based on expectations and admitted he was lumping the Watch in with other products for competitive purposes. “I’m not very anxious in reporting a lot of numbers on Apple Watch and giving a lot of detail on it, because our competitors are looking for it,” Mr. Cook said.库克回应,苹果不是根据预期来分类的,并否认将Watch和其他产品放到一起是出于竞争目的。

“我不是很着急通报和Apple Watch有关的大量数据,或是透漏它的很多细节,因为我们的竞争对手于是以等着呢,”库克说道。



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