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本文摘要:Plans for a new breed of mobile devices running operating systems from both Microsoft Corp. and Google Inc. have apparently hit a wall, falling victim to opposition from the software suppliers.由于软件供应商的赞成,打造出能同时运营微软公司(Microsoft Co.)和谷歌(Goog


Plans for a new breed of mobile devices running operating systems from both Microsoft Corp. and Google Inc. have apparently hit a wall, falling victim to opposition from the software suppliers.由于软件供应商的赞成,打造出能同时运营微软公司(Microsoft Co.)和谷歌(Google Inc.)操作系统的新一代移动设备的计划似乎早已阻碍。Facing pressure from Google and Microsoft, Taiwanese PC maker Asustek Computer Inc. has indefinitely postponed plans to sell a high-profile device designed to simultaneously run both Android and Windows software, people familiar with the matter said.知情人士称之为,台湾的华硕电脑有限公司(Asustek Computer Inc.)原本想销售一款能同时运营安卓(Android)和Windows软件的备受瞩目的移动设备,但面临来自谷歌和微软公司的压力,只好无限期延期该计划。

The Taiwanese company unveiled the Transformer Book Duet TD300, which converts from a tablet to clamshell-style laptop, in January at the Consumer Electronics Show. The device was slated to go on sale in the first half of this year.今年1月份,华硕电脑在国际消费电子产品展览(Consumer Electronics Show)上公布了Transformer Book Duet TD300,该设备能在平板电脑与翻盖式笔记本电脑的形态之间权利切换。这款产品原订在今年上半年上市销售。Dual-OS devices were widely seen as a boon to chip giant Intel Corp., which has been trying to spur interest in PCs amid flagging sales as well as build a foothold in tablets. Brian Krzanich, Intels chief executive, showed the Asustek convertible device during his CES keynote.业界普遍认为,双操作系统设备的发售是芯片巨头英特尔公司(Intel Co., INTC)的福音,因为销售业绩下滑的英特尔一旁在希望唤起市场对个人电脑的兴趣,一旁也企图在平板电脑市场占有一席之地。

英特尔首席执行长科再奇(Brian Krzanich)在国际消费电子产品展上公开发表主旨演讲时展出了华硕的这款可切换设备。Such hybrid products, in theory, could appeal to buyers interested in both work chores and leisure-time activities. They could allow users to run PC-oriented application programs as well as mobile-style apps developed for Android tablets.从理论上说道,这类混合型产品可以更有那些对用电脑工作和休闲娱乐都感兴趣的消费者。这种产品使用户既可以运营针对个人电脑的应用程序,也可以运营专为安卓平板电脑研发的移动式应用软件。

But the software companies have ways to exert pressure to deter the propagation of dual-OS products, people familiar with the situation say.但知情人士说道,软件公司已设法施加压力,制止双操作系统产品的发展。Though versions of Android are available under open-source licenses that give Google little control, for example, versions that allow access to Googles app store must be approved by the company, said Patrick Moorhead, an analyst at Moor Insights Strategy. Google wants all-Android devices, he said.Moor Insights Strategy的分析师穆尔黑德(Patrick Moorhead)说道,虽然安卓系统是在开源协议下获取的,谷歌没多大的控制权,但要取得能用于谷歌应用软件商店等功能的系统版本就必需经过谷歌批准后。

他说道,谷歌想要看见的是全然用于安卓系统的设备。A Google spokesman declined to comment.谷歌的发言人并未早已置评。

Microsoft has its own reasons for not wanting to share space on computers with Google, particularly on business-oriented desktop and laptop PCs that could give the Internet giant an entry point into a Microsoft stronghold.微软公司也有自己的理由想与谷歌软件共享电脑空间,尤其是针对商用的台式电脑和笔记本电脑,因为这有可能为谷歌获取转入微软公司重点领地的入口。Computer makers that make dual-OS machines risk jeopardizing a flow of marketing funds from Microsoft that are an important economic force in the low-margin PC business, Mr. Moorhead said.穆尔黑德说道,生产双操作系统设备的电脑制造商要冒着无法从微软公司取得营销资金的危险性,在较低利润率的个人电脑产业,这笔资金是最重要的经济力量。

Besides the new convertible device, Asustek will stop selling the dual-OS Asus Transformer AiO P1801 and P1802 all-in-one PCs launched last year due to Microsofts new policy of not supporting dual OS products, according to an internal Asustek memo circulated to some employees and obtained by The Wall Street Journal.《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal)看见的已下发给华硕部分员工的公司内部备忘录表明,除上述这款新的可切换设备外,华硕还将停止销售去年发售的某种程度有双操作系统的Transformer AiO P1801和P1802两款电脑一体机,原因是微软公司不反对双操作系统设备的“新政策”。A Microsoft spokesman said its policies havent changed for PC makers.微软公司的发言人回应,公司对个人电脑制造商的政策没变化。

Microsoft will continue to invest with OEMs [original equipment manufacturers] to promote best-in-class OEM and Microsoft experiences to our joint customers.这位发言人说道,微软公司将之后对完整设备制造商展开投资,以便使双方联合的客户从完整设备制造商和微软公司取得一流的用户体验。One person familiar with the situation traced conflicts with Asus to Microsoft patents. Microsoft has sought patent royalties from several hardware makers using the Android software, claiming it owns some mobile patents used in Android.一位知情人士将微软公司与华硕之间冲突的根源归结微软公司的专利。微软公司仍然企图向数家用于安卓软件的硬件生产商缴纳专利使用费,称之为自己享有用作安卓系统的部分移动专利。Asustek, typically known to consumers as Asus, grew up in the PC industry but has made forays into mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. It has products that run Android as well as Windows, the mainstay of PCs.华硕从个人电脑业起家,但目前已转入平板电脑和智能手机等移动设备领域。

它既生产配备安卓系统的产品,也生产配备主流个人电脑系统Windows的产品。Though shifting between operating systems isnt a new concept, Asusteks TD300 device had a selling point called Instant Switch. The company said it would allow users to switch between Windows and Android with one simple command, whether the device was configured at the time as a tablet or a laptop.尽管在有所不同的操作系统之间展开转换并不是一个新的概念,但华硕TD300设备享有“较慢转换”(Instant Switch)的卖点。该公司称之为,用户可以通过一条非常简单的指令已完成Windows和安卓系统之间的转换,无论设备当时是平板电脑的设置还是笔记本电脑的设置。The suspension of Asusteks dual-OS tablet was reported last month by the Taiwan-based publication Digitimes.台湾出版物《电子时报》(Digitimes)上个月报导了华硕停止双操作系统平板电脑销售计划的消息。

Samsung Electronics Co. also announced a dual-OS tablet last year, a product that it hasnt begun selling.三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)去年也发布了一款双操作系统平板电脑,这款产品目前仍未开始销售。Intel, based in Santa Clara, Calif., has long relied on its partnership with Microsoft in the PC market. But it has increasingly hedged its bets, in part because Windows has failed to gain a major foothold in either smartphones or tablets.坐落于加州 巴巴拉的英特尔在个人电脑市场长期以来仍然依赖与微软公司的伙伴关系。但该公司目前更加多地与更好的公司合作,部分原因在于微软公司无论是在智能手机还是平板电脑市场上都并未取得主要地位。

The chip maker has worked hard to make sure Android works as well on Intel microprocessors as those based on chip designs licensed by U.K.-based ARM. Intel also supplies what the industry calls firmware--software stored on chips called read-only memory--that can support both Windows and Android, Mr. Moorhead said.英特尔希望保证安卓在英特尔微处理器上的展现出与在基于ARM构架的微处理器上的展现出一样好。穆尔黑德说道,英特尔还获取既反对Windows也反对安卓系统的固件(存储在只读存储器上的软件)。Mr. Kraznich, in a meeting with analysts in November, said Intel would increasingly help companies ship new PCs or tablets to distribution channels without buying or installing operating systems. Hardware makers, in that scheme, could load the desired software at the time a customer orders a system.科再奇去年11月在与分析师的一个会议上称,英特尔将更加多地协助公司在不出售、不加装操作系统的情况下将新的个人电脑或平板电脑发送到分销渠道。这种情况下,硬件生产商可以在客户采购系统的时候加装想要用于的软件。

Other Intel executives have said customers in China seemed particularly interested in the dual-OS option.其他英特尔的高管说道,中国的客户或许对双操作系统十分感兴趣。One person familiar with Intels thinking traced the idea for such machines to computer makers, but said Intel provided assistance and gradually got more enthusiastic about the dual-OS concept.一位理解英特尔点子的人士指出,双操作系统的点子源于电脑生产商,但说英特尔在期间获取了协助,并渐渐对双操作系统的概念产生了更大的热情。


Intel remains committed to supporting our customer plans for our platforms, and to help them bring to market the best user experiences, said Intels Asia corporate PR manager John Mandeville.英特尔亚洲公司公关经理曼德维尔(John Mandeville)回应,英特尔仍致力于反对我们平台的客户计划,协助他们使用户获得最佳的体验。



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